How We Hire for Our Design Guild


Initial call with recruiter

A quick conversation with a recruiter or hiring manager, an opportunity for you to learn more about the role.


Portfolio review

You will need to prepare your portfolio. It is important that you are able to present your work and articulate your process, e.g. how you arrived at certain decisions and how they tie back to research insights.


Homework assignment

During the interview, the PM team will run through the deliverables from your assignment in a role-playing scenario.


Executive interview

Meeting with our VP, Design you’ll show a portfolio piece and also run through a whiteboard exercise where we will present a couple of slides to explain a problem and you will work through your proposed approach to getting to a solution.


Decision and offer

Collecting diverse feedback from Connectors who carried out the interviewers is an important part of how we work.

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How to Nail Your Connected Interview

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