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Connected Introduces: Work From Anywhere



February 4, 2022

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A yurt in the hills of Mongolia? Why not! Beachside bungalow in Bermuda? Don’t forget the sunscreen! Or perhaps just spending time at your Grandpa’s place? We hope they bakes your favourite cookies. 
At Connected, we understand that the future of work isn’t going to take place in an office, and we want to support our Connectors wherever they choose to do their best work. 
This is why we’re so happy to announce our Work From Anywhere policy. 
That’s right. Anywhere.


We believe that doing your best work means having the flexibility in choosing how and when you do it; whether that means coming to the office one day, working at home the next, and the South of France the following week. 

At Connected you can. 

To learn more about our shift to a remote-first working model, read “It’s Official: Connected is a Remote-First Company.” 

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Better Product Builders, Wherever We Are

At Connected, we have a culture of continuous learning; always in pursuit of perfecting our craft.  That means challenging ourselves with new technologies, practices, and even working arrangements to keep getting better. As we wrote elsewhere about going remote-first, these new working arrangements challenge us to be “more thoughtful, more empathetic, and more strategic… this kind of ‘process expertise’ falls squarely in our wheelhouse and will only make us better.”

The more adept we become at juggling different teams, schedules, and locations, the better we will be able to manage our clients’ projects and deliver true product impact. 

To learn more about the benefits of hybrid and remote work for product companies, read “What Can Product Companies Learn from the Shift to Remote and Hybrid Work?” 

How Does It Work?

Starting in 2022,  Connectors will be able to work from anywhere in Canada for as long as they like and anywhere in the world for up to 30-days in a given calendar year. And this isn’t just for our managers, directors, or senior executives; but ANYONE who has been with Connected for at least three months, regardless of position. 

Needless to say, client confidentiality remains paramount, and all Connectors will be expected to uphold our confidentiality policy and procedures wherever they are. Lucky for us, our high-security servers and meticulous confidentiality policies put us in a great position to make that happen.

So what’s the catch? Well, when we say Anywhere, there are a few minimum standards, including internet connection speed and security. And, in an effort to keep the safety of Connectors, our Partners and our Engagements in the forefront, all proposed remote locations are subject to approval. 

A person sits cross legged on their couch working on their laptop

The Big Picture

Work From Anywhere is just the latest in a series of perks and benefits we’re committed to providing our team members here at Connected. Other recent additions include a Work-From-Home Credit, Well-Being Afternoons, and RRSP Matching. The goal is to drive greater team satisfaction, engagement, and growth and we’re leaving nothing off the table. 

To do their best work, people need freedom, autonomy, and trust. And what better way to do that than by letting them work wherever and however they want. 

Welcome, to Work From Anywhere.

Have a question? Curious to learn more? Check out our careers page or give us a shout at hr@connected.io

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