Connected’s Guide to Acing Your Remote Interview

Reece Fallon

Reece Fallon

Talent Acquisition Director

March 26, 2020

Digital products have become more important than ever. Zoom, Facetime, House Party, and all manner of other video calling applications have moved from a little luxury to the glue holding families, friends, and organizations together. 

In the first weeks of social isolation, this technology has been pointed almost exclusively toward individuals and groups who are already in contact with one another. However, in the weeks and months to follow the need to meet new people will see this technology stretched in different ways in areas that lack established social protocols. 

One way that this will manifest is in a sharp increase in remote interviews. At Connected, phone interviews have always been part of our process, meaning we have ready-to-go insights on how to make remote interviews work.

Despite the oddity of going through an entire process online there are simple steps you can take to impress and connect from afar.

Connected’s “insider” tips

Be on time

It seems obvious, but being on time is critical. Without the possibility of delays, misdirections, or any other timing issue, being late for a remote interview is even more of a red flag in remote interviews. Our advice is to set yourself up 5 minutes early at your desk with a glass of water and make sure you are thoroughly prepared.

Make sure you have the right software

Our calls are done through Zoom or Google Hangouts, so make sure you download them ahead of time (and that it works on your device). There’s nothing that will make you feel more flustered than being ready to call in and then realizing you haven’t checked out the necessary tech ahead of your interview with a tech company.

Test your equipment

Do your speakers, camera, and laptop work? Is your wifi powerful enough to handle the requirements of a video call? Knowing your tech is important at Connected, so test before the call to ensure that you can focus on the conversation you’re in and allow yourself to shine.

If you’re using something battery-powered, make sure your device is charged. Or, conduct the interview while it’s plugged into a power source. If that’s not an option, make sure you have backup batteries on hand in case the interview goes long.

Take care of the little things

Do your best to anticipate any potential issues and eliminate them before they occur. For a remote interview, this includes closing all unnecessary software on the computer, turning off notifications, ensuring your machine is fully charged, and making sure pets and people are not going to interrupt your conversation.

Think about your backdrop

The backdrop of a remote, from-home interview is an added element for an interviewer to consider when they’re interviewing. It isn’t necessary to create a Wes Anderson-inspired scene behind you, but decluttering the space, ensuring that there are no bright lights, and sitting at a proper desk or table all connote professionalism and give the interviewer the best chance of focusing on getting to know you.

Treat it like an in-person conversation

Make sure to greet each other at the beginning of the call. This could be as simple as “How’s your day?”, “How are you?”, “Do you have many plans this weekend?”, or “How are you faring in this strange new reality?”. It can be easy to fall into the trap of getting straight down to business, which limits the chance to show who you really are and for us to get a sense of whether you are the type of smart, kind, reliable teacher and learner we look for.

Follow the basic steps:

  1. Click on the calendar invite sent by a Connected team member 
  2. Click on either the Google Hangouts or Zoom line attached 
  3. Check connectivity 
  4. Make sure both Audio and Video are turned on
  5. Enjoy and best wishes for your interview!

Interviewing at the best of times can be a nerve-wracking experience. At Connected, we’ve put our kind value at the centre of everything we do right now and just wanted to share our insights no matter where you’re interviewing. Good Luck!

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