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Connector Spotlight: Tsun Yin Lip



December 15, 2018

Tsun Yin Headshot

Whether it’s a pint of IPA or a can of whoop-ass in PUBG, Tsun Yin is simply unstoppable.

What are you working on these days?
We’re working with one of our partners based out of the valley. After helping them wrap up a large-scale hardware project (an interactive smart home device), we’re now working with them to create the demo experience for it to be displayed in Best Buys across the US.

Sounds exciting. What’s your role on the project?
As the Engineering Team Lead, my role is to act as a voice for the team in planning/estimation as well as highlighting technical risks.

What else have you been up to since joining Connected?
I was recently between client projects for a couple of weeks, so my coworker William Wen and I decided to conduct a bit of AI research. We were curious to know: why is the computer paddle from the classic Atari game Pong constantly in motion? You can find out the answer by reading our post about it here. It comes with a kind response from our chief source of inspiration, Andrej Karpathy, Director of AI at Tesla.

That’s some high-profile kudos. How did you react?
We were shocked. When we started out, we knew very little about AI, so it was cool to get some recognition for the learning we did.

What about pre-Connected? What kind of work were you doing?
In my first role as a software developer, I worked on the original NBA GameTime App for Android. I also worked at Altera (later bought by Intel) as a co-op, where I contributed to their product line through timing analysis and other activities. I’ve also written code to control machines for shaping/cutting metal on factory floors.

Tsun Yin in a futuristic car at Google's Android Dev Summit
Tsun Yin’s new ride at Google’s Android Dev Summit

And now that you’re at Connected, what’s your favourite part?
Connected’s mission of “building better” really speaks to me. It’s rare to have a job where you are always encouraged to use the latest methodologies and technologies. I get to stay on the cutting edge, just by doing my job.

And outside of work? How do you like to disconnect?
I love to clear my mind by going to the gym and going swimming. I also like playing single player and multiplayer video games. Currently, my favourite is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). I also build epic decks to Slay the Spire, and lately I’ve been taken in by history books. The one I’m currently reading is Red Famine by Anne Applebaum.

Tsun Yin sitting down in front of his computer monitors playing video games.
Tsun Yin doing what he does best: destroying the competition.

Seems like gaming is a big part of your life.
Not to brag, but I’m pretty skilled at rhythm games played on the keyboard (like osu!), maybe cause hammering away to electronic music was my way of decompressing at school. Plus I’m not too bad at dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).

Challenge accepted. But let’s talk food and drinks first. What’s your favourite Toronto spot?
Definitely Bar Hop. They have a great selection of beers. If you see me sipping a pint of IPA, come say hi. Aside from bars though, Toronto’s Waterfront and Centre Island are great places to just walk around, weather permitting.

This is the sixth entry in our Connector Spotlight series. Stay tuned for more profiles about the great people here at Connected.

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