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The Importance of Creating Online Platforms for Small Businesses



April 23, 2019

As known, the Connected company has been striving to help different ambitious companies leverage the power of their business product since 2014. The primary mode of this process is implementing software-powered products.

As for now, the firm has succeeded in building impactful software products for different companies all over Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as the United States of America. The supreme example is the USA lending company, 1FirstCashAdvance. The organization became one of the Connected first customers in the financial field.

The mission of 1FirstCashAdvance is to help people who have unexpected financial emergencies by connecting them with the most trustworthy direct lenders. The company provides different types of loans available to every consumer. The cash advance options range from installment and short term loans to no credit check and bad credit payday loans that are designed for borrowers with bad credit or no credit at all.

Since 2014, one of the main advantages of 1FirstCashAdvance is the ability to provide excellent customer service. But everything could be better. In order to improve their service and make all the processes go faster and easier for all the customers, 1FirstCashAdvance realized that it was necessary to create an exclusive online platform. This decision was made to let their consumers get acquainted with the company information and apply for the required loan amount without the extra mile.

Right then, Connected served as the best advisor and a reliable partner in achieving the intended objective. The firm had helped 1FirstCashAdvance to create a unique user-friendly website that became their calling card.

At the moment, each website visitor is able to find all the necessary information about the company’s service, terms and conditions, eligibility criteria, and other important aspects to get the needed loan, as well as apply for it by filling out the online application form. This digital advance allowed the company to attract new customers and make the process easier for all people.

Considering this fact, it should be admitted that the creation of online platforms is an integral part of each small business development. And the best way to be successful in the implementation of new digital software is to use professional service provided by highly qualified experts.

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